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Mr T's Blogg

5 January 2016

Another year over and a new one just begun.

Happy new year to one and all. Let's hope it's a good one and let's have some fun.

Last year ended with a series of differing functions.

We held a wedding that featured a three tier pork pie as the wedding cake. Darlo returned from his sabbatical to host the successful and traditional Nomads Christmas Day Auction . Why would a vegetarian buy a brace of pheasants?

Great to see the Dunbavands on Boxing Day for a friendly football match.

We then hosted a couple of family get togethers. One smallish, one large. Great opportunities for families to enjoy our facilities and fabulous food.

New Years Eve was an outstanding success. Franklin's Star Charity Ball had been organised by Louise and Amy to raise funds for research work into the treatment of brain tumours. Tara Jones spoke from the heart about the journey that her and her husband travelled after Danny's diagnosis. She explained the changes to everyday life and the dignity and humour with which Danny faced his illness. Life has been difficult for all, yet Tara has some wonderful friends. After Tara had explained why everyone was there , they partied. Tom Jarvis played a few tunes. Dinner was served. The large raffle commenced. Gaz Edwards debut as an auctioneer meant that he will get the job whenever it is required. An outstanding success. Very generous people supported the cause. Tara deservedly won the 'dance off' with her dives, slides and leaps. Great people, great night, great fun. Great way to start the New Year.

Let's hope it's a good one.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.

Mr. T.

14 December 2015

Another busy week.

NHS meeting on Wednesday. Two lady lecturer/ comediennes put across their points with a collection of Womble, Dalek and Mrs Overall costumes.

Great controversy in the Weightwatcher debate as many foods were reclassified and allotted different points. This week Rachel meets Oprah.

The following day the The Rhos Orpheus Male Voice Choir returned. Devastating news had reached many people that day. Some people understandably didn't show. Some that did, felt it was good to talk with friends. None could make any sense. The occasion went well. The choir were quite superb. The food was excellent and Chairman Jim Gillson set the tone skilfully. We are friends. We are hurting. We are a community.

Saturday's matches were cancelled. Yet a few regulars and and a 60th birthday party meant we had an excellent day. Interestingly the family chose to play background music through our system instead of paying for a DJ to take over the night. Wonderful food, a few pints, a few glasses of wine, a close family, long lost family and friends and a few more pints and a wonderful night was had by all.

Father Christmas turned up on Sunday lunchtime to the delight of many, many children. An Aldi sponsored goodie bag and the entertainer/ magician rounded off the Marvellous Zoe Morrey organised Nomads Christmas Party. Thanks to everyone for helping us change the room round for the Carvery. 70+ folks enjoyed the fantastic Christmas Carvery.

Difficult times for many at the moment. If the Club can try and provide a safe place and haven for parts of our family , then we will be there.

It really does all go on at The Club.

See you soon.

Mr. T

16 November 2015

Absolutely brilliant week.

Yes we had weight watchers watching weight. Yes we had doctors discussing their chimps.

Then on Friday we had old cricketers enjoying our facilities. Cheshire Over 50's & 60's celebrating their season's. Old cricketers from all over the County enjoyed a fabulous meal, wine, beer and each others company. Club Captain Chris Fleet spoke about the days of Winston and Curtley. Many others spoke about the previous season. More and more wine was consumed. Oh dear!

On Saturday lunchtime the Robinson family planted a tree in honour of David. Couldn't help but feel that the rain was only good for the occasion. David's tree will soon be thriving.

Then we had a super, sublime Saturday ( as Sky might have said).
4-1. 8-1. 5-1. 5-2. 1-2. 7-2. 1-0.

31-9 cumulatively. Fantabulous.

Great win for the first team. Outstanding win for the seconds. Many congratulations Charlie Mann. Brilliant win for the thirds. Perfect hat trick for Sutty in the 4ths. Only blemish for the fifths. Great wins for 6ths and Vets. 31-9. Absolutely stunning. Bound to bring back the crowds. Great performance lads. Now let's do it again.

Much of the talk in the Bar was about the sighting of the Boughton Hippo by the canal. Funny old world. Who else has seen it?

Sunday was wonderful. Broadies , Smiths, Killorans, Hedgecoes, Williams's, Turners, Thistlewood's, Spauls's and many, many others enjoyed the Carvery. Lovely, lovely afternoon, all enjoying the Carvery.

Club people enjoying the Club.

As we know, it all goes on at The Club

See you soon.

Mr. T.

9 November

Wednesday brought the return of Chester Canal Heritage Trust and an interesting talk on Ness Collieries in the 18th century. 100 hour weeks, cock fighting and 2 race courses in Neston. Who'd a thunk it?

The excellent Rachel delivered another Weightwatching masterclass on Thursday morning. Whilst the doctors learned how to box chimps and keep control of goblins and gremlins.

On Friday we hosted Dave and Margaret's 50th wedding anniversary. Orchestrated by Yvonne, her parents were stunned to see their original wedding table laid out before them, complete with China cups, pork pies, Kit Kat's and wedding cake. Perfect, take a bow Mrs Fleet.

On Saturday the footie lads demolished Elton 0-8. The 2nds (with Macca in goal ) went down 0-2, only conceding the first goal in the 91st minute. The 3rds went down to Neston Nomads, whilst most of the rest of the matches seemed to end in draws. A quiet night in the bar (unusually) followed.

There were a few in for the wonderful carvery the next day.

Meanwhile the Dougherty & Allen staff were heading towards Manchester for the NW Catering Awards. Fingers crossed folks.

This is our Club. First class facilities plus a nationally recognised caterer. Marvellous.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.

2 November 2015

The man who lives in the hedge has had an unusual couple of weeks. First of all his walls changed colour and now they've started disappearing. Don't think he's looking forward to winter.

We did open on Monday this week for a First Aid Course for the Junior Coaches, with a particularly colourful instructor. If he got his message across then it works.

A couple of very quiet days (what's happened to the traditional Tuesday Nomad gathering?) was followed by a Royal Engineers Veterans Evening. Great food, tombola, bingo (another win, thank you - most people think it's a game of luck, ha!) and live entertainment. This time we enjoyed two fifths of a group called Signature. The ladies had excellent voices and were appreciated by their audience. Lovely night. As ever, well done Hazel and Keith.

Jim Gillson took first prize in a Cricket Club Golf Day and then the lads sat down to pie and chips and the Rugby World Cup Final. A great day out for all.

Again mixed results for the footie lads. Both the 1sts and 2nds went down. Keep believing. Keep doing the right things. It will turn round. We all know there are good players in the team. The 4ths and 5ths both drew in entertaining matches whilst the Vets won. This was the last we will see of the Moss Brothers and Squid as they all circumnavigate the world. Good luck lads. Have fun, it all goes on in the world!

Although not particularly busy Sunday was a very relaxed. There were a few people enjoying the Carvery for the first time. All attracted in by word of mouth, by the quality of food and value for money.All loved it. All promised they would return.

See you soon.

It all goes on in The Club.


21 October

Always good to see 'the lads'.

On Wednesday we hosted another gourmet food evening in which a sumptuous meal is accompanied by wines that compliment the food perfectly. Another outstanding success!

The next morning Weight watchers returned, but no sign of Oprah. Maybe next week.

Our ' Chimp Paradox' course continued later that evening. V interesting stuff.

Friday brought the Cricket Club Hot Pot. Held together by Hughie Curtis, organised by Lee. Jim Law produced a review of the year on the screens. Brilliant performance Jim. The Club reflected on another successful season as a variety of folks eloquently described the season from their own perspective. Club people entertaining Club people. Club people enjoying The Club. Many happy memories. Many more to come. Well done everybody.

The football lads (with a much changed team ) went down in the Cheshire Cup to Middlewich after missing a whole host of chances. The 2nds travelled to Ashville, but the match was cancelled, apparently because both sides had the same coloured shorts.

On a strange day the 5ths match was also pulled. The 4ths went down despite a MOM return by Ollie King. Only the Vets were successful. Perhaps because of the cancellations it was a much quieter evening in the Bar. It also highlighted our need for Saturday night functions. There are a few gaps coming up, so if you, your family, your friends or your works need a venue, give us a try.

A Christening Party filled the Club on Sunday. 120 revellers enjoyed the Carvery. Perfect.

So, gourmet food, weight watching, chimps, cricketers, footballers and party people all enjoyed the Club last week.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.


30 September

Very different week. Not a bike in sight.

From now on we are not open on Monday evening, unless there is a specific requirement. Let me know.

Tuesday brought the wonderful Valentina McGarrell , instructing 65 Doctor's receptionists in how to overcome the many and varied challenges of their role.

On Wednesday we welcomed the return of the Royal Engineers Veterans. It was good to see them complete with meal, bingo, tombola , music and dancing. Who could want for more? Marvellous!

As I mentioned last week, Thursday evenings are currently taken up by an NHS Psychology Course. 70 Doctors sat down to listen to a series of lectures on Chimp Management. Whilst Sam and I don't have the clinical background we both found the lecture fascinating. Interesting to note that my first instinct if dropped in a jungle ( it was an exercise) would have been to make a safe/shelter area. Sam's was to go and kill a tiger for food. ( She'd give up being a vegetarian.)

Furthermore, after identifying her inner chimp, she was then to travel to Ireland for a 3 day wedding. "It wasn't me, it was my inner chimp". Oh dear.

Saturday was slightly odd. No 1st and 3rd team matches. The 2nds won convincingly at Newton. And the 5ths won a thriller in the only home match.

In his comeback after suspension, armed with the knowledge of his inner chimp, Joe Imlach lasted just under 2 minutes. Poor Joe!

Saturday night brought a Bishops H.S. Reunion. A good night was had by all. It was obvious that if all the folks were 42, then some had had a much harder life than others.

Sunday was relatively quiet. Still, the usual bunch of regular lunatics and a few in for the Carvery.

Different again.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.


21 September 2015

That was the week that was.

Club people enjoying The Club.

In fact the week started quietly. Tuesday brought the NHS for a course presented to District and then City nurses. The venue is perfect. Tea, coffee and jugs of iced water. Plenty of room. Away from the hassle of the City Centre. Light, airy, clean room with everything you require, in beautiful and peaceful setting. The Club has been hired out to this group for a number of sessions in the next couple of months. As most of these sessions / lectures are in the day there is no problem. However, please note that Thursday nights for the next 2 months will be set aside for this business.

Lyn, Barbara, Alan, Sophie and Anne were actually waiting for NHS folks to finish a debriefing meeting to 'set up' the room on Tuesday evening. Over the next 24 hrs the room was transformed. The static bikes (very kindly donated by The Bike Factory) were put in place. Protective carpet, bottles of water, laptops, massage beds, towels, sweets, advertising from Sponsors, etc, etc were all put into place.

Work continued throughout Wednesday. Everything was set for the 'start line'. From 8•00p.m. we were cycling to the iconic MCG. The other side of the world. Melbourne, Australia. Surely impossible in 72 hrs. Not a cat in hells chance. Over 10,500 miles. Don't be ridiculous.

All bikes were full up to about 11•00 p.m. It had been a good steady start. It also became obvious that the element of competition was important to some. Fishy's superstar biking team were being threatened by Lee and the Nomads 'steady Eddie' strategy. The first team captain was the first casualty when he fell of his bike at 3•30 a.m. on the first night. Jack Williams took over and hated his first hour in the middle of the night but the miles were being clocked. As morning broke, the room filled up again, so that most bikes were filled again. Nomads were cycling with cricket players. Veterans of both sports were cycling with sons and daughters of old friends. Everyone was enjoying it. Everyone was smiling. The odd song/ chorus burst out. Proper cyclists alongside side junior footballers and cricketers, Mums, Dads, friends,wives, wags ,1st teamers, 2nd teamers, 3rd teamers, 4th teamers of both Clubs. Everyone with a smile on their faces. Beirut, Syria, Iran and Iraq were sprinted through. No problems. The miles were being eaten up.

As we went into the second night Fishy's team were well ahead. But a tactical plan to bring in 1st team cricketers in the middle of the night, meant they had taken the lead. Furthermore when the Morreys' and Powells clocked up 99•9 miles in an hour, suddenly the Nomads were racing up. Fun. Brilliant.Enjoyment for all the family.

No sign of tiredness, plenty of complaints about sore bums. But folks just kept on pedalling.

When a group of young footballers came in on Friday evening the mileage was burned away. So much, that the organising committee had to make a decision and suspended news on mileage and where in the world we were. Kuala Lumpur on Friday teatime was the last we heard.

On we pedalled. Fun for all.

Throughout Saturday folks kept turning up and having a go.
Disappointingly the footballers got beat by Vauxhall Motors 1-2. The playing fields had been transformed by Keggy and Derek. A week on from the end of the cricket season, there was football everywhere you looked. Brilliant. Great facilities, full to the brim with sports people.

Meanwhile the countdown was on. Fittingly,the last few miles were pedalled by those that had organised the whole thing. Perfect. Miles of smiles everywhere.

Had we done it?
Of course we had.

And more.

Turns out we had got there at 9•00 p.m. the previous night. 49 hrs to Melbourne on bikes. Ridiculous!

Well done to everyone. You were all fantastic. Club people enjoying The Club.

Thank you to everyone who helped take bikes down , and bring furniture back upstairs.

Then the band played, and the party started. Tired, happy and smiley.

Special thanks to Lyn, Barbara, Alan, Anne, Ian, Sophie, Fishy and Lee who put so much into the project over the last few months. Special thanks to Dave at The Bike Factory and Adam at Camms. Without you, it simply wouldn't have been possible.

Thank you all.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.

Mr. T.

14 September 2015

The week just kept getting busier.

We kicked off with the end of season Chester & District Midweek Cricket League end of season meeting. Then England v Switzerland on telly on Tuesday. The next 2 nights were taken up by loads and loads of meetings.

Nomads, Cricket, Jnr Nomads, Ashes Ride and even a Rugby Club meeting.

During the day on Friday, we held a " Measurement and Evaluation" course for the NHS.

The evening was wonderful. It was the Junior Cricket Presentation Night. With various sides winning trophies, and with the very bright talent that seems to be coming through the system, there is no other future than that of a very,very bright one. It may even be orange, just might catch on you know. The great thing is the overall enthusiasm for the sport. Absolute testimony to the work of the coach, Mr Lee Dixon. So many of these youngsters love the sport and love being at The Club. Special mention was made to a special group of lads who are also starting to make great strides in the adult game. They have also helped out with the coaching and are an absolute credit to CBH. Furthermore the development of these lads this season has been wonderful to behold. On occasion one has been able to see their improvement from week to week.

The whole section has been under the guidance of the Killas for the best part of 15 years. Thousands of young folks have enjoyed sport at the Club because of their drive and enthusiasm. We will be in their debt for some considerable time. Well done. Thank you. You have deserved your rest. I believe it is Linda 's intention to drink more sherry and discuss world politics with Jeff and Nigel.

The fun and frolics just spilled over on to the Saturday. Despite the weather and the reduction in overs the first team scored 400 in their 50 overs. 400!

It didn't matter that they didn't quite bowl Grappenhall out. 400 ridiculous! The seconds, thirds and fourths all won. The 2s and 3s winning their respective Leagues. The 4ths also discovered the key to success. Everyone bowled, the fielders didn't change position and the batting order was drawn out of a hat. Brilliant. With Man U v Liverpool on the telly, it was only ever going to be a busy, busy end of season ,fancy dress, retro sports gear party. Jamaican athletes, stood side by side with such giants of sport such as the 118 runners, boxing champs,wrestling champs and Phil Boersma. Inevitably Evel Knievel stole the show ,with a death defying stunt that could only be attempted after 14•5 pints of lager. Brilliant!
Funny, ram shackle, brilliant. Club folks enjoying the Club. Perfect. Well done to all. Well done skipper, who, as always held most of it together.

Sunday was the very last of the cricket at The Club in 2015. Last week the Ladies won the Cup. In fact, 4 trophies were won the previous Sunday. This week, by hook and crook they avoided relegation by the skin of their teeth and a technicality.
Another truly spectacularly wonderful and successful cricket season.

Well done everybody!

We also played host to a dual Christening, which included many old friends of The Club. Busy, busy, busy.

Don't forget Wed, Thurs, Fri and Saturday the Ashes Bike Ride.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.


24 August 2015

Cheshire lost there Minor Counties game at The Club rather ignominiously. Being beaten inside two days in their three day game. An unusually poor season for the Senior side in the Championship.

It was brought to my attention that one of our regular lunatics mistook Ainsley for Audley when asking him when his next fight will be!

Many of us were then stunned as the shocking news about Nich Reah spread. A reminder to us all to enjoy life where and when we can. Impossible to make sense of it. No silver lining. Our hearts and love go out to Ruth and all close friends.

The week ticked over. A cricket coaching course with very young youngsters was presided over by Jack , the tall one, and, Rick, the stern one. Good to see the nets still being used in the evenings. Very unusually, with no function, it was a quiet Friday night. Same again this week. Come down for a drink.

Saturday was busy again. A bouncy castle had been put right outside the 4th team changing room. This was all part of an NFU Mutual funday we were hosting. They loved their BBQ, loved watching the Man U game and gradually congregated over a game of rounders on the bottom field. They had a great day. And so did Edward John Thistlewood on his bouncy castle.

Meanwhile the 3rds were too strong for the 4ths in El Classico, though as ever, there were encouraging performances on both sides.

On the front pitch the 2nds are now very close to completing a League and Cup double as they demolished Urmston. Archie Riley will be bringing his crayons next week.

The 1st team blooded a couple of youngsters in to the big time on a dodgy wicket at Bowdon , where a good , tough battle was thwarted by Armageddon type weather.

Unfortunately the football teams bright start to the season came down with a bump and questions are already being raised about the suitability of the 3rd teams caretaker manager.

Junior cricket was back at the Club on Sunday with a plethora of matches and once again the splendid Academy side were victorious.

The Over 40's lost out in their semi final in a great game with Sale. We have no divine right to win everything. Great credit must go to Dave Atkin who has revitalised the side. Well done, young man.

The senior team were more successful in a tight, rain interrupted semi final contest at Oulton Park and are now through to the final of a Cup we have held for the last 3 years.

Meanwhile a ruck of Birkenhead Park rugby players , among others ,were enjoying the magnificent carvery. Bit more football, few more celebrations.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.


17 August 2015

Lovely night on Monday started the week. The good folks from The Bridge and The Spital played their rearranged match in front of a healthy crowd. The point was that everyone had a go, everyone enjoyed it and most have a tale to tell over the long winter months.

Wednesday brought the lads from Southend CC. Beautiful weather, nice game, nice day, sank a few pints. Good lads.

Meanwhile the Nomads outplayed their local rivals Upton AA with a comfortable 0-3 scoreline. And the 3rds secured a 5-1 victory as well. Happy days!

A computer company,'For My' hired the Club for a barbecue on Friday. Although they had had to cancel their plans for games on the grounds due to the poor weather , they stayed almost to the close of business. Thanks folks, you're very welcome anytime.

Again mixed results for footballers and cricketers on Saturday. The football 1st team continued their impressive start to the season with victory at Capenhurst. The 2nds drew and the 3rds lost. Gradually, all the lads are returning.

The cricket 1st team very nearly beat Marple, just failing to bowl out their final pair. The 4ths went down to a good Urmston side. The seconds drew whilst the 3rds cemented their place at the top of the League with another victory. Nice , steady night in the Bar. The calm before the storm.

Oh and what a storm! As the advertising slogan states, " if Carlsberg did cricket clubs......." .

If last week was Super Sunday this must have been Stunningly ,Stupendous ,Smashing, Super Sunday.

First of all we were playing host to Cheshire v Herefordshire in the Minor Counties Championship. Strange affair as obviously no Chester players were representing the County. Nice to see familiar faces and all went reasonably well.

Just about everyone else from the Club was elsewhere. Either at Ormskirk, where the first team completely demolished the home side to secure their place in the National Finals once again, this time at the Swalec in Cardiff. Where, we will compete with Ealing, Exmouth and Pudsey Congs in order to retain our Trophy. Unlike last year, all are very well established Senior Clubs. It won't be easy, but Lee plans and drills the team with meticulous care and attention. We have a chance.

With that place secured, the coach arrived at Warrington just in time to see the 2nds win the Joseph Holt Trophy. Having defeated both Alderley Edge and Neston, Danny Rileys white and white army deservedly raised the Trophy. Marvellous. I'm sure the coach trip back was a little raucous. Apparently Martin Huber and Archie Riley are having parties.

The hour and half presentation to mark Adam Syddall's 100th Minor Counties Match, the Holt Trophy and the securing of the place at the Swalec was brilliantly done. It appears nearly everyone in the Club has a song, and nearly everyone knows the words. Absolutely marvellous. Respectful ( in the main) , creative , funny and loud. If Carlsberg did celebrations........

As for the karaoke, well, the less said the better. Fair to say, the lads had peaked by then. Congratulations to everyone involved. That means YOU!

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.

Mr. T.

10 August

Thank you for not prying into The Man Who Lives in The Hedges space. He does appreciate it.

Monday and Tuesday were drastically quiet. Although not a great night for sport, (The Academicals were rained off, on the all weather pitch.)The following night the Over 40's qualified for the Quarter Finals by despatching Caldy. Interesting tactics by the Wirral side. Whilst they had absolutely no bowling, they nearly chased down the 174 we had set them. Funny old game.

Supreme leader Janet bade farewell to Weightwatchers on Thursday. We await with anticipation.

The week then just bigger and biggerer. Friday was a lovely night. As a prelude to the Ashes Ride we were treated to the wonderful Oli Broom, who had cycled from Lords to The Gabba in Brisbane. Quite fascinating, an adventure every day. His trust in humanity throughout his epic journey was an antidote to those who avidly listen to the News. By far, most people are good people. A philosophy that served him so well, throughout. A successful night, well done Lynn, Anne, Sophie and Ian and the rest of the crew.

A few of the footie lads wandered in to watch telly the next afternoon. As far as the 3rds were concerned, well, things can only get better.

The weather had improved and again we experienced mixed results on the cricket field. The first team went down to Cheadle in a great game, whilst the 3rds despatched Oxton. The 2nds were defeated by Jack's nephew while the 4ths heroically hung on for a draw. Nice night in a busy Club.

Busy, but no where near as busy as the following day. A Cheshire Cup Quarter Final, an Academy game, football on the telly, the Carvery and the small matter of 2 Christening parties. As far as I could tell everyone had a cracking day. Even the Hyde lads were magnanimous in defeat after a fantastic game of cricket, that all agreed would have made a fantastic final. On a wonderful day for The Club ,Warrens class shone brightly and carried us through to the Semi's. Thanks to Baz and Julie, the Clubhouse was full all day with folks enjoying a very special day. Tea for the players outside was accompanied by al-fresco Carvery on the balcony. A fantastic performance by all concerned. Top quality food everywhere you went. Loads of happy customers then enjoyed the Bar. Brilliant.

Come on down. Keep us busy. We love days like this.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.

Mr. T.

3 August 2015

Slow building kinda week, leading to spectacular climax!

Ship Victory gain further victory, shocker!

Football friendly 0-0 with Altrincham Res.

Bridge Inn promoted to top Division of Midweek League.

On Thursday we played host to the Cheshire Gents in their match against the Leicestershire Gents. Lunch, tea and lashings of runs. Playing for Cheshire Gents was the legend that is septagenarian ,Tommy Hodson. It's fair to say Tom has lived life to his own tune. The man is still keeping wicket, he is still very much enjoying life and can tell a story or two/three/four or many ,many more.

Friday was the M&S Hog Roast, Jamaican themed night. Fair to say these folks had a drink. Great to learn of the deeds of Christina Stevens, the young lady that put the travelling idea into my head. Currently in Melbourne having a ball.

For the second Saturday afternoon in a row,a coach party turned up unknown to the Club Manager. This time it was footballers who had drawn 2-2 in a friendly. Nice bunch of lads.

Mixed results at home for the cricketers. The 2nds thrashed Neston. The 4ths went down to Oxton.

Mixed results away. First team lost to Neston, whilst the 3rds defeated Neston 3rds in a spectacular finish. From this difficult position Ross managed to turn the night into an outstanding success with his 'shuffle'. Simple fun in the bar. Fun. Brilliant fun. Prizes galore. Play your Cards Right, Mr &
Mrs, cracker eating competition and £100 to the winner. The sight of Tommy, in tiger costume singing Ra-ra Rasputin was a fantastic climax to the night. Smiles back on everyone's faces. Fun. Always about people. Thank you Ross.

Sunday, quite predictably, at the Club was quiet. The U11's beat Runcorn in their Cup Semi Final. A few booked in for the Carvery. The rest of the folks were in Stone. The tension of the first match against the hosts was unbearable so many of those that were still there ,headed for Staffordshire. Another fantastic success was then toasted long into the night back at The Club by very weary folks. Absolutely fabulous. These are spectacular times. Enjoy.

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.

Mr. T.

27 July 2015

Have we already had summer?

It's a dreadful thought.

On Monday the U13s were ruthless in their performance. Whilst on the back pitch Bridge B were left frustrated as their opposition didn't turn up. Not even a phone call. V poor.

Situation normal as the enthusiastic Ship Victory (Garden Quarter) won again. Fun, fun, fun.

Further Weightwatching shock. Janet, glorious supreme leader is leaving. Weightwatchers will continue on Thursdays but won't be quite the same. During the evening an under strength Over 40's went down to Oxton, despite the outstanding efforts of Captain Kegg and a world class performance from Hughie Curtis in the field.

We hosted a wake the following day for a lovely family. Unusually the mourning party included a leprechaun. Always different.

Cricket practice, Nomads and Ashes Ride meetings meant that the bar ticked over in the evening.

The next evening Junior Cricket was cancelled due to more rain. This meant that a momentous moment passed unnoticed. This was Dave & Linda's last Junior Practice. Most people in The Club have no idea as to the hours that these two have put in (all year round). Hundreds, no thousands have benefited from their skills, organisation, unflagging enthusiasm and non stop hard work. Thanks folks.

An improvement in the weather provided the backdrop to two magnificent games of cricket on Saturday. We lost both by one wicket in front of large crowds, including a bus party of tourists from Oxfordshire. Always different.

Better news for the two away teams who both completed commanding conquests. The skipper, in full flow, meant that shenanigans continued in the Clubhouse. More fun.
Just as well as heavy consistent rain washed out any chance of play the following day. However, modern technology meant we kept abreast of events at Upton, where we retained our 20/20 Trophy. Spectacular stuff. First senior Trophy of the year. Absolutely marvellous. Well done skipper. Well played lads.

Happy days!

It all goes on at The Club.

See you soon.



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